Nile University of Nigeria Massive Academic Staff Recruitment

Nile University of Nigeria latest job recruitment. Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates for full employment into the vacant positions below at Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja.

Nile University of Nigeria Jobs

Nile University of Nigeria Jobs.

  1. Associate Professor (Industrial Chemistry)
  2.  Professor (Industrial Chemistry)
  3. Professor (Histopathology)
  4. Professor (Hematology)
  5. Professor (Pharmacology)
  6. Professor (Immunology)
  7. Professor (Chemical Pathology)
  8. Professor (Medical Microbiology)
  9. Associate Professor (Medical Microbiology)
  10.  Associate Professor (Chemical Pathology)
  11. Associate Professor (Immunology)
  12. Associate Professor (Pharmacology)
  13. Associate Professor (Hematology)
  14. Associate Professor (Histopathology)
  15. Senior Lecturer (Histopathology)
  16.  Senior Lecturer (Hematology)
  17. Senior Lecturer (Pharmacology)
  18. Senior Lecturer (Immunology)
  19. Senior Lecturer (Chemical Pathology)
  20. Senior Lecturer (Medical Microbiology)
  21.  Lecturer I (Medical Microbiology)
  22.  Lecturer I (Chemical Pathology)
  23. Lecturer I (Immunology)
  24. Lecturer I (Pharmacology)
  25.  Lecturer I (Hematology)
  26. Lecturer I (Histopathology)
  27. Lecturer II (Histopathology)
  28.  Lecturer II (Hematology)
  29. Lecturer II (Pharmacology)
  30. Lecturer II (Immunology)
  31. Lecturer II (Chemical Pathology)
  32. Lecturer II (Medical Microbiology)
  33. Professor (Electrical/Electronics Engineering)
  34. Associate Professor (Electrical/Electronics Engineering)
  35. Senior Lecturer (Electrical/Electronics Engineering)
  36. Lecturer I (Electrical/Electronics Engineering)
  37. Lecturer II (Electrical/Electronics Engineering)
  38. Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)
  39.  Lecturer I (Civil Engineering)
  40. Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)
  41. Associate Professor (Civil Engineering)
  42. Professor (Civil Engineering)
  43. Professor (Computer Engineering)
  44. Associate Professor (Computer Engineering)
  45. Senior Lecturer (Computer Engineering)
  46. Lecturer I (Computer Engineering)
  47. Lecturer II (Computer Engineering)
  48. Lecturer II (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
  49. Lecturer I (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
  50. Senior Lecturer (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
  51. Associate Professor (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
  52. Professor (Petroleum and Gas Engineering)
  53.  Professor (Business Administration)
  54. Associate Professor (Business Administration)
  55.  Senior Lecturer (Business Administration)
  56. Graduate Assistant (Accounting)
  57.  Lecturer I (Accounting)
  58. Senior Lecturer (Accounting)

RequirementsInterested candidates should possess relevant qualification.

Apply Before: 31st August, 2018.

How to Apply: Interested and qualified candidates should submit their Applications and CV’s to:

About Nile University of Nigeria.

Nile University of Nigeria, is a world class university located in the heart of Nigeria, Abuja. Our university community is composed of robust, hardworking, friendly and committed staff from different nationalities all over the world that work tirelessly to help our teeming students actualize their dreams.

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